Texas Healthcare Trustees has been offering customized workshops and retreats for boards around the state for almost a decade. Board education is our focus and THT exists to be a resource to hospitals just like yours. We continue to seek the best ways to serve our members, and we know that often it is best for board members to stay close to home and work when it comes to educational opportunities. Let us bring the resources, speakers and ideas to you.

Here's How It Works:

  • We work directly with your team to develop an educational workshop tailored to your needs and issues.
  • We design course information from the perspective of the board member, with a focus on the key functional board member responsibilities for your hospital type. Content is developed by experts and delivered in a format designed for adult learning.
  • Workshops and retreats can be held at your hospital, a local hotel or a meeting facility. Current training options include board retreats and workshops with opportunities to bring in nationally recognized governance experts.

Our hope is that your board will become stronger through shared and individual education of your members. Health care is changing at an incredible pace; THT works to provide hospitals and systems with a way to conveniently and efficiently educate board members to ensure the success of their organizations. Through quality products and services, THT wants to provide your board members the opportunity to:

  • Learn about key issues facing hospitals today.
  • Gain a better understanding of their role in the hospital.
  • Create a strong governing team.
  • Learn more about information and resources available to them.


Two-Hour Workshop Topics:

  • Board roles and responsibilities.
  • Governance thought leaders.
  • Board assessments and planning.
  • Other governance topics available upon request.

Customized Workshop Topics:

  • Finance and reimbursement.
  • Quality and patient safety.
  • State and federal legislative updates.
  • Community health management.
  • Other health care topics available upon request.

Tips for a Successful Workshop:

  • Combine resources within a system, with regional hospitals or with community partners to offer a program.
  • Consider including executive leadership in all education and strategy sessions.
  • Choose the format that works best for your group.

Most Commonly Requested Topics for Board Workshops:

  • Board roles and responsibilities.
  • Board facilitation and communication exercises.
  • Governing to greatness tips.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Board self-assessment.
  • Board's role in quality and patient safety.
  • Board's responsibility with medical staff credentialing.
  • Physician employment and relations.
  • Regulatory and compliance environment.
  • Health care finances.
  • State and federal legislative update.
  • Board's role in advocacy.
  • Executive and physician compensation.
  • Health care reform and the Affordable Care Act.
  • Workforce (nurses and other staff).

Interested in a different type of format for your group? Give us a call at 512/465-1013.