Governance of hospitals and health systems has taken on new significance in the past decade. Research has documented that good governance has a direct impact on the overall performance of the organization. Simultaneously, hospital/health system governance has become more complex. Texas Healthcare Trustees believes great organizations need educated and informed boards, which is why we have developed a free resource library for health care leaders.

Best Practices for Selecting, Working with, and Separating from Hospital CEOs

The strength of a hospital, as with any organization, often is directly related to the competency of the CEO and the health of the relationship between her and the board of directors or trustees. Although there is no single correct policy or formula for governing an organization, there are certain guiding principles hospital boards should keep in mind when deciding what is best for their hospital.


The Wide Angle Lens: A New Perspectives for Governance

Thanks to a collaboration with DHG Healthcare a new resource is available from THT's Governance Thought Leadership series discussing a different way to look at governance in this era of complexity.


The Wide Angle Lens: The Case for an Integrated Approach to Population Health

Thanks to a collaboration with DHG Healthcare a new resource is available from THT's Governance Thought Leadership series discussing considerations as organizations undergo the shift toward population health.